Saturday, September 5, 2009

Before and After

OK, so this is my "studio". It is really a third bedroom where most of my creative stuff is supposed to happen , but as you can see...Life is what happens while you are busy doing something else!

I have said before that I am a serial confessor, and well my Mother is coming into town today and if that isn't a motivation to clean then I don't know! I know she reads this blog and this is my pictorial confession. I even know what she would say...a cluttered studio is a cluttered mind, nothing good will happen there.

It really is inexcusable. Bags and bags of un-ironed clothes, beads, linens. It's horrible. The desk, well I can't even talk about the desk!

So here it is, all of my dirty laundry for the world to see (mother). I promise to myself to do better! Will post the after pics later today!

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