Monday, September 28, 2009

Seduced by Champagne

So a few weeks ago while browsing my favorite Anthro store in Dallas, I accidentally walked into a wonderful afternoon soiree with vintage trays of champagne being passed around and a lovely table of petite fours, brie, tuxedo strawberries and some wonderful people there to help launch AG jeans.
It doesn't really need to be said that I shop Anthro mostly for inspiration, affordable housewares and the occasional sale, but this was different, they were bringing me champagne re-fills in the dressing room and it seemed that one of the AG girls was giving all of her attention to finding THE perfect pair of jeans for me and worked. I splurged big time and left with a pair of vintage tomboy jeans(first photo) that I must say have left me with ZERO guilt because I have pretty much lived in these things for the last month now. Also they fit like a dream, the way jeans used to fit when I was sixteen!

and now I am totally in love...I vaguely remember giving the sales clerk my personal info for some kind of drawing and apparently I have won another pair of jeans, custom design, just for me, for free! I chose the piper 15 year jeans (bottom photo)and they are even going to embroidery my name on the inside!

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