Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not your usual Thanksgiving bird.

I have a slight thing for roadrunners, the symbol really, not the actual animal.

Its a pretty long story and a sad one for sure, but a few years back on our move from Georgia to Texas we stopped overnight in New Orleans(its a hard drive)! I had never been to New Orleans and wanted to spend a few days there. A little mini vacation if you will AND to make this long story short we woke up one morning in our beautiful Garden District Bed and Breakfast to find that everything we owned...everything had been stolen. The entire moving truck of a three bedroom home with precious antiques and hand me downs from generations before was all gone!

At the end of the day we soldiered on and headed to our apartment in Texas with nothing but the clothes we were wearing the day before and our cats. Somewhere in the fog and tears of that day we managed to make it to our new home. The last stop before arriving was a gas station. I remember looking out of the window in the ditch by the road and seeing the ugliest bird ever. A Texas Roadrunner. He actually looked quite happy, making a place for himself, there in the gutter, with the water run off and the dirt.

For some reason, one of my first impressions of Texas, (this ugly bird) was inspiring. Working with what he had, this long legged creature did what others could not.

We give thanks each day for the new friends and family that helped us through the following weeks. Time really does heal all and we've been blessed in so many ways since that day. But I find myself buying these vintage Roadrunner things. Just a few here and there. I don't seek them out, but when we cross paths this ugly bird and I, we can't help it...we must be together. I was thrilled to find that the roadrunner has inspired others like Enid Collins of Texas among the least.

This leather doctor style Enid Collins bag with brass hardware is one of my favorite possessions and if it is ever taken away from me, well I won't worry too much. I will have these photos and that feeling of my first night in Texas when a roadrunner distracted me enough from my weary mind to steal away my smile!

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  1. wow, what a story about your move... but what beautiful roadrunner things!