Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Going Green for the Holidays Part 1

Ornaments are my favorite part of the tree...Oh, and the smell. Getting conifer or spruce needles out the rugs and carpet, not. Finding a place to recycle my dilapidated tree( cause it will be mid-January before I get around to taking everything down) is also not, So here are a few alternatives to bringing Christmas to every part of your home without the mess, hassle and cost of a tree. I love them almost as much!

We haven't had a tree in three years and this is my preferred method of ornament display, right on the coffee table as you enter the house...and we have an entire chalkboard wall in kitchen that gets a huge tree drawn on it as well!

If your really miss the smell, go for Slatkin and Co. Balsam room spray...amazing! Mine has lasted me for two years now and it is only 5 dollars! You might also want to check out via the web, the post-it tree, feather trees and ladder trees.
Have fun!

photos via: Apartment Therapy, Country Living, All the luck in the world, Crib Candy, Buronorth

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