Friday, December 4, 2009

You see I see

This blog leads me to believe in the "zeitgeist" concept: concurrent, spontaneous, independent events and ideas. It happens often to me , I find. These coincidences happening within a cultural climate of a specific group, that is to say the "trends of Etsy" and it's vintage shops. Only a few weeks ago I read on Lauren's blog (Dear Golden) about Suzy Perette, honestly, I have never heard of or seen this label before and then suddenly I find these dresses all over. Most were sadly not for my shop, too expensive or in ill repair. But a few days ago quite literally this dress was thrown in front of me as I was checking out at my local thrift. " This is a Suzy Perette dress, put it behind the counter so we can price it later". Whoa, what, let me see that. Yes, thank you.

One of the things that make a Suzy Perette dress so classic besides the obvious quality of materials and craftsmanship is the cut. The cut of any Perette dress makes every woman look like a WOMAN! Cinched in all the right places and loose in the others. Perfection. Great designers know this and use it to their advantage creating a legacy of clothing for women that can pass the test of time. This particular dress is in Excellent condition and just listed for sale in the shop.

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  1. A lovely dress, Sheena! You sure do have a knack for finding such beautiful treasures!