Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My Birthday Loot! Wonderful handmade stitched lovelies from my Mom and Sis!

An unlikely theme from different family members..all vintage rings!

So this is my birthday week! Yesterday was the official day and I became very selfish and did no chores and turned off all internet practices for the day! I did do a little thrifting for the shop which turned out to be for me. (the chambray work shirt in the middle with the military buttons...MINE) I also picked up this great book for myself about china collecting and decor, which I know so little about, so, good present.
My friends and co-workers sent me two baskets of flowers and the lovely baking goddess Melody made me the most delicious chocolate chunk cookies ever! Last night my birthday cake consisted of two of these babies sandwiched together with gorgeous pistachio gelato plus one candle...how kind! Oh and a pretty large flute of champagne...mmm.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE those pillows!!
    Happy Birthday!