Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Handmade project revealed

I received this cute mushroom fabric from my mother at Christmas. I have been thinking about ways to add small bits of charm with it(so as not to use it all) on larger projects and this one fit the bill. A knife cozy for my Chef friend with a needle cushion and needle book to match. I know it sounds like strange bed fellows, but she is a Chef like me and she also loves to sew like me....

As you may remember from my "to-do" list of March, this is but one of three handmade projects that I need to complete before the end of the month! It feels good to cross this off and even better to give as a surprise gift! All items were vintage in this project, including the brown and cream ticking, cording, acorn (found), felt and buttons/button covers! Mushroom fabric via
A Little Sweetness on Etsy!


  1. thank you! i love what you made! i also love how you wrapped it up. simple and perfect. :)

  2. so sweet, on several levels

  3. Charming. I only have one needle and it is slightly bent. I would probably get more if I had something so sweet to put them in!

  4. It's so lovely, your friend is a very lucky girl to receive such a thoughtful gift. I adore the mushroom fabric. Can you come give me sewing lessons?