Monday, March 29, 2010

Lost in the world

Life is CRAZY right now and I feel like I am in limbo...lost somewhere in between. But the sun was beautiful today and I did go out and pull weeds and add to the compost pile and take a few pics in the backyard.

Sweet Grape Muscari is everywhere, all over the city even and its nice to wake up each morning to a sea of purple. Mr. Santiago was feeling mighty fine today and let me take a few shots of him while basking in the sun. The last pics are some of the weeds I saved for a knobbly milk glass vase... I love these heart shaped weeds. Right about dusk, I looked up to see my little household had all followed me outside. (The cat, the dog and the man.) It was nice...and I suddenly felt grounded.


  1. I'm so hoping to go home to muscari today. Cat contentment is a lovely thing. Now I'm stretching.