Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nine things I want to do in March!

1. Decide which seeds I want to plant in my home garden and also join a community garden.
2. Gather all plastic shopping bags from the mudroom, closets, kitchen etc and give back to my favorite charity shop for re-use.
3. Go through my clothing and weed out any unworn items from the last two winter seasons
before packing them away for Spring.
4. Find the perfect pair of go-to sandals/flats for Spring and Summer
(last years are totally dead!)
5.Start running again!- my Nike iPod trainers have been alone for a while!
6.Re-connect with an old friend.
7.Start AND finish at least 3 projects on my craft to-do list. Why do I find these so hard to get done?
8. Organize my look-book and torn out magazine pages for Home, Garden and Fashion.
9. Finally scan in all those photos that I want to share on this blog!

Too much? Not enough? I don't know, but maybe if its out here in the dirty laundry of B world, I might force myself into thinking all of you can hold me accountable for this list.
...I work well under pressure!


  1. I only work under pressure! I have to say i agree with a lot of your list... especially the Start and Finish projects part oh and running.. not that I've ever been good at this...!

  2. This is such a great list! I actually think it all looks like fun. Good luck :)