Thursday, March 18, 2010


Handmade Update~Part 1 of 2

So today I was able to cross off two major items from my "9 things to do in March" list! First I got together all of the plastic bags for recycling and took them down to my favorite charity shop...and I left empty handed, Bonus!

Second I was able to get all of my headpieces done that have been sitting in the middle of my desk for months now! All together about 20 head bands and Feather fascinator clips. Now I can finally put away all of my vintage Millinery, Feather and lace bits (for a while) and move on to other projects! These are some of my favorites and I will show you some more on Friday!
I don't sell these on Etsy (they are for a local garden/home decor shop) but if anyone sees something they fancy, let me know!

~I did have fun with the zippers~


  1. zipper flowers?!! amazing.

  2. These look like great hair pieces for very special occasions.... They are beautiful!

  3. That feels so good to check things off! Good job! These are really lovely :)