Friday, April 23, 2010

Jessica's Gunnies and the Prairie Revival

Jessica's Gunnies~ San Francisco, later labels include Gunne Sax and Jessica McClintock. Often associated with the 1970's fashion, the look known as "prairie revival" incorporates design elements from the late 19th and early 20th century fashion. Look for pinafores, gingham and tiny floral cotton prints, calico, patchwork, empire waistlines, corsets, middle plackets and Leg-0-mutton sleeves. The company was named after the "gunny sack" burlap trim used on some of the early designs!

I am starting to see this look everywhere again and just happened to run across these sister skirts hanging together at my favorite thrift a few weeks ago...Original Jessica's Gunnies on sale at now at No Carnations...Happy Friday!


  1. Sooo pretty! I have such a soft spot for Gunne Sax...well pretty much anything 70s boho, but there is just something enchanting about her pieces.