Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yankee Doodle Gals

We live in the wind and the sand and our eyes are on the stars~ W.A.S.P Motto

Last night at the restaurant I had the great honor of cooking for some WASP- Women Airforce Service Pilots.They were in town being honored at TWU and came in for a bite!

Texas Women's University has a permanent exhibit honoring aviation history and the 1,100 or so women that were chosen to fly in WWII were trained just a bit down the round in Sweetwater Texas at Avenger field.

"They were given drab olive uniforms that were sized for men so they rolled up their cuffs and tied belts around their waist. The barracks were also men's sleeping quarters, so they stuffed socks into the urinals and used them to hand-washed their underwear."

"These women were trained to ferry aircraft, test planes, instruct male pilots, and tow targets for anti-aircraft artillery practice. The women came from all socioeconomic backgrounds: teachers, nurses, secretaries, factory workers, waitresses, students, housewives, debutantes, actresses, even a Ziegfield chorus girl. "

These ladies were so wonderful, they even came to the kitchen window to say goodbye and to say how much they enjoyed their meal! Meeting Pearl Judd and Nell "Mickey" Bright was such a perk...I love my job!

You can learn more about the WASP here and here
photo credits- TWU archive, Smithsonian


  1. What great photos, and a great opportunity you had to meet some of those amazing women. I love a woman who can do a mans job. Take Care, Carrie

  2. There is more on the WASP at: