Thursday, June 3, 2010

A June Giveaway!

This amazing handmade crochet sweater is the result of a painful clearing out of seasonal closet space. I switched over from Winter to Summer only about a month ago( we really don't have a Spring). It took everything I had to make a decision about this sweater, I love it so much, yet I have only worn it once.

The sweater is actually season-less, it makes the cut for anytime of year and it does have some weight, but it is also open and airy and works well for many occasions. Sadly, the boxy shape has never suited me... I am pretty short and curvy!

I remember exactly where I found it in exactly which vintage shop over three years ago!
The texture found my eye from across the room and I fell in love instantly.

I decided to sell it in my No Carnations shop and I have tried to list it and each time I try to put a price on it, I fall short...the amount I wish to charge may not be appreciated without having the sweater in hand. How can I explain the loveliness of this piece, each beautiful handmade stitch that someone took the time to crochet this entire sweater in three pieces and then put it all together!

I have decided to let go completely and pass it forward to another person who may use it more than I. My June giveaway! Any interested followers leave a message here...International ones included!

One vintage handmade cream crochet sweater
Bateau neckline, 3/4 slightly boxy dolman sleeves
Approx size Small & Medium
Excellent vintage condition
Era- 1970's
Bust- 20 inches
Waist- 20 inches
Length- 20 inches

The winner will be chosen and announced on Sunday afternoon!


  1. this sweater is to die for .. I can't imagine wearing something so gorgeous.. I love the color as well.. one of my favorites... Nancy

  2. yay! That's a lovely sweater - it's a great giveaway :) Good luck everyone!

  3. Beautiful sweater. I can't imagine how the creator gave it up. It looks as if it were never worn.

  4. This would fit my granddaughter beautifully; it is a work of art!

  5. Very Pretty - I always appreciate hand made garments :)

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  6. Mary J Wood ( 4, 2010 at 9:13 PM

    What a beautiful sweater. It looks like it was crocheted from side to side. Quite an inspiration for all crocheters. And it looks like it took someone a long time to make.

  7. This IS a beautiful sweater! You could either wear it with jeans or with a long black skirt for evening attire.

    Could you let us know where we can find the pattern?

    suzyjune at gmail dot com

  8. What a beautiful piece! I would love to win it or get a copy of the pattern if it is available. You have some other very pretty items also.

    Kris Woosley (

  9. lovely, would cherish it. beautiful hand work

  10. What a gracious gesture! I love to find an "adoptive" person when I must part with one of my 'treasures' -- someone who appreciates its beauty and uniqueness. It is a stunning piece!

  11. Beeauuutiful! Good luck to whoever gets it. Hope its me

  12. This is a yummy, yummy find and a sweet and generous gesture to share with someone!
    Blessings, Pattianne

  13. This is a beautiful sweater that would fit me perfectly! I love the stitch on this and the color is a great neutral. I have trouble finding wonderful garments that would fit me and this one seems to fill the bill. Pick me!! :)
    You are so sweet to offer it to us, congrats to the lucky recipient...cathe.

  14. Your sweater is a wonderful find!
    How generous of you to share it!

  15. patrjicia gallowayJune 6, 2010 at 9:29 AM

    You are such a great lover of fine crochet items. It is just too bad other people don't.
    Please put me in the drawings

  16. Brilliant idea for a giveaway!

    I am still waiting to see a picture of you wearing those fab earings...

  17. oh yes yes yes, that's just the type of thing i love, love! thank you for the email! here's to hoping i win!

  18. Oh this is lovely! I feel very fortunate to get in on the game at the last moment! Merci La Bonne Femme!

  19. oh man! I really hope I am not too late to enter! This is so beautiful. I want!