Monday, September 6, 2010

A home for Rose

When I found her she had been thrown up on top of a thrift sales rack. Someone had looked at her and decided she wasn't good enough. Most of the time I pass up dresses from the 20's through the 50's that need a lot of work, but Rose's fabric lulled me in, her cut mesmerized me. The fact that she needed lots of love to bring her back into this world didn't really seem to matter.

She had been torn and repaired and then torn again and BADLY repaired and somewhere in the middle she was altered(poorly) as well.

I brought her home and gave her a good soak. I then began with trembling fingers to un-stitch all of the repairs and see exactly who she was and what she was meant to be. I began again to repair all of her pieces with as little altering to her original design as possible. She had some doozies, but over all I think she looks great now. It was a two day process of the smallest hand-stitches and lots of patience. She is wearable, she is adorable and she is ready to be loved!
You can see her here!

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  1. what a lovely dress - the print is alluring isn't it :) How wonderful that you took the time to see it's true potential - great job!