Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to No Carnations!

It's my 2nd year anniversary in the shop! I am too excited and wanted to thank everyone for their support over the last two years!

To celebrate~above is a little something I made for the shop as another way to display jewelry and spaghetti strap tops or dresses, and then below is a present to myself~ Ralph Lauren Platform saddle heels~ I am too in love and wore them all day when they arrived on Monday~

Lastly a future outfit for the shop I think~ 1930's evening dress with vintage abalone shell bracelets, lace and rhinestone hat and of course a hat/lapel pin of your choice from the above collection! Coming to the shop soon~


  1. HB2U!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You have such a lovely style... I have only just discovered your shops.. and will be back to check out those shell bracelets.

  3. To many more fabulous years!!!! Happy Birthday :)