Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Carnations Handmade

Most of you know that I have been making jewelry for the last 12 years. Mostly beaded, some wire wrapped and some using textiles. When I joined Etsy I never really thought about putting my jewelry in the shop because, well frankly, the market seemed swamped. The kind of jewelry that I was making was exactly the kind that everyone else was making too.

But then something vintage shop kind of took over my artistic outlet and time. I started making jewelry less and less. For the last ten years I have been selling my bracelets, necklaces and hairpieces in a little shop downtown called The Garden Gate. I'd go through stints when I got the jewelry itch and the ladies of TGG were extremely nice and happy to sell my wares on these occasions. Recently however, I made a hard decision to discontinue selling at this little shop. So when all items were sold, I bid them adieu and parted ways.

I can't tell you the relief I felt! No more tagging, no more taking inventory or figuring sales! I didn't know how stressed out I was, but what to do about that itch? Well, more than one thing has changed over these last couple of years and now when I get the itch, I will be adding these items to my shop and they will no longer be like anything else on Etsy. These pieces will be one of a kind...truly. Inspired by museum collections, old textiles and vintage lovelies, no two will be alike, nor could they ever be recreated. They will incorporate vintage beads, finding and inspiration. I hope you like them.

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  1. these are truly wonderful Sheena!!