Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Marigolds and my depression

Ok, so a few days ago I was in a real hurry to take photos for both of my Etsy shops, and clumsy me, dropped my camera on its face! At first it would not turn on, then it turned on. Then it would not focus, then finally, it began to try to focus. But this was not regular silent whirring and sliding sounds, this sounded like my first time trying to get a 74 bronco into gear on a dirt road in Florida. Really bad.

I played around with it for a few days and managed to get a few decent shots for some postings last week, but on Monday when I went to post new items for my No Carnations Etsy shop, it was like taking photos underwater. Blurry, fuzzy pics no matter what I tried. So for two days now I haven't been able to do anything, blogs, no new Etsy listings.....and I find that I have been a little depressed.

Does anyone else feel this way? Do you have Etsy or blog withdrawal? Is there a forum for people like me who wake up every morning elated by the thought of new sales or a new treasury!

I AM OBSESSED! I am so glad this has happened, because it has shown me that I need to get out more and do more of what I love! My spring garden is already getting out of control! These last few days off without my camera have been torture, but I finally got those marigolds planted and I noticed that my burgundy mustard is coming up and I have my first green tomatoes forming!

So, en lieu of new Etsy postings this week, I will be posting some old photos of my garden thru the years, back in the days when I had more "real world" time. Ahhhh.

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