Thursday, July 9, 2009

My other, other job

Ok, so everyone has probably figured out that I have two etsy shops which I love AND they allow me to keep my house at a more reasonable clutter free level. However, my day job(that I also love beyond words) is being an Executive Chef at a locally owned restaurant named Hannah's off the Square. I have a blog for this as well, but that is another story.

But my other, other job is making jewelry for my Wild Persimmon line and selling it at a small shop in town called The Garden Gate. I thought a few pics from some of the new pieces I just finished might be fun for a Friday post!

This is an up-cycled piece from silk skirt with heavy beading and found objects.

This piece started from a silver chain that was too fine to add any jump-rings to, so I tied all of the beads and charms on with salmon colored silk thread. I try to add some element of textiles to all of my pieces. This one worked out so well, I love the way the silk thread became so much more of a design element than I had originally intended.

I just made this piece this morning, A vintage charm bracelet inspired by Edie Beale. Drew Barrymore was on NPR to promote the release of Grey Gardens DVD next week and I thought..Why Not? Here I added some textiles from a vintage Vera Scarf that I accidentally ruined while ironing one day. I never could bring myself to just throw it away. I am glad I didn't.
The slight touch of green scarf is just the thing that little Edie would have loved.

Have a great weekend!

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