Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It's really hot and I need to get rid of a few feathers! Literally I am still in de-stash mode. The years of bird/owl/nest craze have worn me out. Going from blue birds and swallows to owls and little chicks over to nests and birdcages and back around to single simple eggs and now just the one iconic bird staple...the feather! Whew! Most things will go onto etsy and again I will pick just one to love and keep.

These are some really great vintage Laboratory jars that I used for decor. All have black and White Silhouettes of various birds...guinea chick, canary and of course an owl.

I was really just waiting for an excuse to showcase these great metal place cards that you can write on with chalk. Still thinking about how to best put them to use in my etsy shops...

Many, many yards of the great linen fabric with a wonderful screenprint Native American design.I will post on La Bonne Femme tonight.

A great feather print dress that I have upcycled with vintage lace and ribbon...going on No Carnations tonight!

Some more wonderful feather print fabric salvedged from a horrendous vintage skirt. Going in the La Bonne Femme shop.

My florist for the restaurant has a wonderful eye for trends and knows how to showcase them with such taste. I think this peacock feather from a recent arrangement is perfect without being overly done.

I think I will only keep the feathers themselves. I think they are kinda cool in the apothecary jar and collected together like specimens. Most are from the family farm in Georgia....and they really do have a rooster named Chanticleer.

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  1. Oh oh! I love all of it! The jars with the silhouettes and the feather dress are just amazing. Thanks for showing these pictures.