Monday, July 6, 2009

Crewel World

I have a slight obsession with crewel, especially pieces from the 70's, but while one piece may be chic, after a while, my studio starts to look a little like my Grandmothers house .

So I have decided to de-stash! These are all really beautiful pieces that I have treasured and loved, but the time has come. I think I'll keep one and love it even more for the absence of its friends.Crewel is usually defined by its use of linen as a background with heavy embroidery using wool thread. I think the contrast in textures is so beautiful.
Update- This crewel mustard pillow is SOLD.

My collection of Floral Sampler Pillows...I think this last one is the one I will keep!

This is an extra large piece that will be for sale in my La Bonne Femme Shop. It features a skillfully done Japanese Plum Blossom and butterfly, simply amazing! I thought about doing a shop banner from this, wouldn't that be beautiful?

Some crewel patchwork pieces of fabric at La Bonne Femme. I had good intentions for these!

A cute kitchen plaque will be posted on No Carnations.

A cute vintage makeup bag on the prettiest crushed red velvet.

If you want to seamlessly add some crewel design to your decor, pair a vintage piece with a few of the wonderful patterns and ideas from Katherine Shaughnessy's modern crewel book, The New Crewel.


  1. These are really really gorgeous!

  2. the pillows are TO DIE FOR! did they all sell out? i didn't see them in the shop!!!


  3. I just posted the mustard colored pillow!