Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doors a la Florida

Walking around in old Florida last week I took a few photos of doors inspired by my friend Chelsea at All Roads Lead to Pecetto. If you haven't visited her blog and seen her door series from Torino Italy, they are fabulous!

In St.Augustine you can quite literally get lost on the small cobblestone streets and it is perfect!
At first it may seem like you are in a Medieval town with Large Spanish doors, the turrets from the Fort in the background and a street curb made from cannons or cannon balls. (Seriously there are a ton of canons in this town. The Army Core of Engineers bring them up out of the bay all of the time from long lost fleets of the Spanish Armada.)

Then as you follow the bougainvillea and Hurricane lilies down the street suddenly you feel as though you are walking in Havana or touring the gingerbread houses of Key West .
(I will post more about those Gingerbread Houses later.)


  1. I am intrigued with doors as well! You know, I haven't been to St. Augustine in years! I think I will run off with Monsieur once he's back & stroll down it's streets & window-shop some, too! Chees, Julie

  2. Wow, St. Aug. seems so pretty. Love those doors! Do some more!!