Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Four Seasons Favorite

I had some fun with this dress yesterday and thought I would post an outfit with this dress in all four seasons...So here we go! Above is Spring with a linen swing jacket, skinny belt and Sailor knot heels.

Summer is simple with wooden necklace, braided wedge sandals and rope belt.

I think Fall is my favorite with boyfriend cardi, wide metallic belt and gunmetal gray booties...add some tights and you are ready!

Winter is here with knee high boots, knitted collar, tweed jacket and the same skinny belt!

This dress now available at No Carnations Vintage...
Follow the yellow shoes to shop!

Do you have any favorites that you wear all year?


  1. I love this idea! Reminds me of that song in Greese 2, "I'll be your girl for all seasons, all the years through...." Anyways cute dress!

  2. thanks for visitng my blog!

    this is such a great post---i dig the layers, especially the Fall ensemble. I keep wanting to buy one of the boyfriend cardigans and didn't really know what to wear it with other than jeans, but love how you paired it with a dress!

    would you mind if i shared this with my readers with full credit to you of course! I think it is a perfect example on how to save money.

  3. I love all the looks! I think dresses are such wonderful year round items.

  4. it is up...great inspiration...i'm hitting my closet tonight to create new outfits.

  5. Thanks so much for your comment!

    The Paddington is so amazing, what a find! I think you have great taste in vintage.