Thursday, January 28, 2010

Billy Reid in Florence

Alabama that is. Sit down and have a glass of Sweet Tea or Bourbon in heavy glass tumblers...maybe a Red Rock soda or an RC cola with salted peanuts. Wooden floors under foot with depression era glass, Magnolia leaves and old family portraits in cotton fields adorn the mantel. This is Billy Reid.

With a store in Dallas, My husband and I never pass up a chance to go in see what's new. Like moths to a flame this store reminds us of home from the decor to the plaid jackets that look exactly like the ones hanging in our father's closets. The craftsmanship is perfect and the hospitality is just that. The vintage style menswear line is the star here, with a burgeoning line for women!
Check it out here!

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  1. thank you for featuring my little violet cup and saucer...what a great selection you've made for February!!! love the violets...