Saturday, January 30, 2010


Rebekah from Little Byrd vintage has tagged me with my very first blog award...7 things you might not know about me! Here goes...

1. I forage for wild foods. In every city or country side I have lived, I learn all there is to know about the local wild foods and eventually people began to recognize me "Hey, you're the ditch girl"
Or "Hey, you're the one in the fields in the rain!"

2. I prefer tea to coffee, except my husbands. He makes the best and has ruined me for any other.

3. I have been friends with my best girl for for about 30 years. And we are 34!

4. I see and talk to A LOT of people five days a week, employees, customers, food purveyors etc.
So on my two days off I find myself silent. Spending most of my time at home. My cell will be dead for days and I won't even realize.

5. If I had all the money in the world, the two things I would change about my life right now would be to have fresh flowers in every room of the house and to never pump my own gas!

6. I got married in Vegas. That's a good story.

7. I lean towards cedar and lime scents, the color turquoise, acidic foods of any kind, white towels and sheets and I hate change...for about 30 minutes, then I'm ok.


  1. I love that you forage for wild foods and maybe someday you could share more of the Vegas story! :)

  2. Hey :) I am so happy you did this! It was great learning more about you!!!